How an Exercise Physiologist Can Help You Regain Your Freedom

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How an Exercise Physiologist Can Help You Regain Your Freedom

27 December 2019
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Most people understand how important it is to keep mobile and to ensure that they get the right amount of exercise every day. Still, many Australians do not do so, lead a sedentary occupation and may, as a consequence, be more likely to contract certain illnesses as time goes by. If you have been sitting around for far too long in recent years and have now started to develop certain problems, why should you go and see an exercise physiologist to help you move in the right direction?

Trained Professionals

You may not be familiar with the work of an exercise physiologist. These are accredited individuals and are fully qualified to help you introduce exercise routines to deal with chronic conditions, disabilities or injuries.

Anxiety or Depression

If you have been suffering from depression and have not been able to put your finger on the cause, your sedentary lifestyle could be to blame. Unfortunately, this can be a self-perpetuating situation. Those who are depressed are less likely to want to get out and about anyway and, consequently, get even less exercise. If you talk with an exercise physiologist, they will be able to tailor an exercise regimen to take into account any anxiety or depression you may have and any existing medical conditions.

Age-Related Inactivity

If you're older, you may have tried and failed to reintroduce exercise into your life and, to an extent, some of those muscles and joints may have frozen up due to inactivity. You may need some coaching or support to help you get over that initial hurdle and an exercise physiologist is the perfect partner. They will help you gradually increase your activity levels so that you do not encounter too much pain or resistance and can eventually get back to full mobility.

Chronic Injury

Of course, you may be battling a chronic injury or condition which makes it very tough to exercise regularly. This will require a specially designed course of action as you will not want to aggravate the situation in any way. Once again, an exercise physiologist has been trained in this area and, if necessary, will work with other healthcare professionals who may be working on your case.

Taking the Plunge

Pick up the phone or get a referral from your doctor. Either way, talk with an exercise physiologist as soon as possible so that you can look forward to better health, enhanced mobility and improved quality of life. Look locally to find an exercise physio treatment that you would like to try. 

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