Massage Around The World: Different Techniques And Their Therapeutic Benefits

Alternative Massages for Aspiring Athletes

22 November

If you’re an aspiring athlete pushing yourself on a frequent basis, you may find that you pick up the odd injury now and again. This is to be expected, yet it doesn’t mean it has to be a regular occurrence within your training regime. Ensuring that you train smart is just as important as training […]

Physiotherapy Massages during Pregnancy

17 December

A qualified physiotherapist can assist you in maintaining good health at many stages throughout your life. With their expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, physiotherapists are able to assist in both preventative and rehabilitative procedures. However, physiotherapists are not only concerned with disease or injury; physiotherapists are also able to assist women in managing the […]

Remedial Massage – What To Expect

05 December

Remedial massage is usually associated with aiding recovery from sporting or traumatic injury.  However, if you suffer from a medical condition like tennis elbow, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, back pain or headaches, remedial massage may also be recommended by your GP.  But what is remedial massage and what types of treatment can you expect to receive?  […]